The Officers Group

Personal protection while traveling with large amounts of cash, jewelry or other valuables is a service often requested by our clients. A secured escort (while you carry) ensures your safe arrival.


When you have to suspend or terminate employees, or must deal withe an irate employee or client, you need to be concerned about your safety as well as the safety of other employees. Hiring an experienced officer to provide a security presence will alleviate a potentially dangerous and stressful situation.

Hand held metal detectors are available to rent at a daily, weekly, or monthly rates.

When selling a house, whether you are a realtor or a homeowner, don't do it alone. Hiring an officer can ensure your safety during an Open House.

TARMAC SECURITY                            Providing tarmac security at Airports,  for your high value shipments 24/7. Having eyes on security for your shipments whether it’s outgoing or incoming.   Our officers work closely with Cargo Operations to coordinate the off-loading/loading of your valued items providing you with efficient and secure protection. 

So much goes on during filming that safety often becomes vulnerable. It is important that only authorized personnel have access to the set. Our officers are trained and experienced professionals that will keep situations from occurring and help prevent any unexpected incidences from getting out of hand.

A smart to create a safe and comfortable environment for your guests. The Officers Group will conduct a pre-event threat assessment and a site analysis, to put a multi-layered strategy into place to keep your event safe from party crashers, rowdy revelers, and paparazzi.

To ensure the protection of your valuables and your family, 24-hour security is available on a short or long term basis at your home.

Whether it's a high profile case, deposition or just concern for your safety during a court trial, our officers can help keep you safe and protected during your court appearance.

Anything can happen when valuables are being transported from one location to another. Whether it's leaving your place of residence or the warehouse, it's best to hire our experienced officers. We provide cargo/transportation protection to ensure your shipment arrives safe and sound.

Security has always been a necessary part of doing business, whether you own a company, organize an event, or lead a public life. Many companies and individuals need security, but many are also reluctant to pay the money for it . The Officers Group understands that the rising cost of doing business and/of budgetary restraints might influence your choice for security, but compromising "Quality" by looking for the cheapest bidder can ultimately end up costing you more. After all, you get what you pay for, and when you take the lowest bid, you also get the lowest service possible.

Many security companies try to pass off inexperienced guards as "executive security", so they can offer you a low price for their services. But keep in mind, a black suit and tie alone is no substitute for quality and experience. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it always is!

When you hire security you ultimately put your life, and possibly the life of others in their hands. Your safety and integrity will depend on the decisions made by the company you just hired. If your cost is very low, just imagine what the company will pay their security personnel, and what motivation and incentive they have to protect you.


Armed Security officers in Los Angeles

Your expensive construction equipment should never be left unattended. Hire our officers to provide overnight and weekend security and ensure your ready to go for the next working day.


Feel safe and secure while traveling. Our officers are qualified to travel with you and provide executive protection from one destination to another.


Personal protection for VIP's, celebrities, corporate clientele & other high-profile, at-risk individuals.